Congratulations to Jamie and Candic!

More and more people are eloping and Jamie and Candic are no exception.  Congrats guys!

Jamie and Candic

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Wedding season in full swing!

Wow!  I am surprised that its not the end of May yet and my Summer schedule is almost booked!  During these hard economic times, more couples are choosing the “laid back” style of wedding in a park or their backyard.  A family BBQ or small catered event.  In these kinds of weddings a couple can get married with style and comfort, not have any of the stresses of a large wedding and still have money in the bank when its over!

How great would it be every time you were in your backyard, to look at the spot where you stood at the alter and took your vows!?

I have had so many couples request this kind of wedding, or just elope in general, that I have been considering installing a gazebo or something on my property to accomodate this.  I don’t think this is a trend that is going to change.  Since the #1 thing that most new couples argue about is money, having some in the bank at the start of your marriage is a wise step.

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