Quiet Winter

I know its been months since a posting but for the most part winters are pretty quiet. However, I did have something interesting happen the other day. A couple, who is all set up to get married in May, called to ask if I could marry them early so they could overcome some insurance problems. I was happy to oblige. I can’t say who because it was a “super secret” kind of thing but I am mentioning it because it is becoming a more common occurrence.

Some couple opt for two ceremonies because of family reasons. Earlier this year I had a couple have a small wedding in a cave and then the bigger ceremony for everyone a few days later. Some people are getting married months in advance of their actual wedding dates because of insurance/money related issues or because they can’t afford the ceremony they really want and can’t wait to be married.

In the case of two ceremonies I usually don’t charge for the second unless we have to do a lot of extra planning or travel. This is a nice way to have your “intimate” ceremony with your loved ones the way you want it if you are being forced to cave to other pressures.

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