The non-ceremony wedding

There seems to be a trend cropping up in weddings this year that I am calling the non-ceremony wedding. This isn’t about eloping or just “deciding” to get married and finding the closest place to do it, but I believe it is more about saving money on a wedding by not having the big elaborate ceremony. These are not people that haven’t put a lot of thought into their ceremony, or people that are trying to run away and get married. They simply can’t or won’t pay for a large elaborate affair but still want something awesome. I have been seeing a lot of these couples this year.

There are a lot of great places around Springfield where you can have a low-cost wedding and not end up doing it at the court house (which I have it on good authority that Springfield Justices of the Peace will not marry people anymore). I have no problem meeting you out about town so that you can have a cheap-n-easy wedding and spend your money on more important things, like cake. 🙂 I usually charge $50 for this service and I have done weddings at parks, caves, Bass Pro, Sushi restaurants, your house or my home office.

One of these great places around town is now right in my back yard. For a lovely place to have your wedding right in the middle of the city:

The use of the Courtyard Garden is free to couples that are just wanting a quick ceremony with a few witnesses. If you would like to use the Garden for your wedding we can seat 20 guests for a lovely wedding by the Koi Pond. Please send an email to to discuss the details.

Contact me if you would like more information or to come see the Garden for yourself.

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Adventure Weddings: Magick Weddings Will Travel

July was such a super busy month this year that I didn’t even have time to update my blog! One wedding in particular stands out because it is what I affectionately call an “adventure wedding” or one that requires me to travel a large distance.

On July 25th I drove out to this really cool cabin in Oklahoma, which was right on a really cool lake to do a wedding for the soon-to-be Kyle and Michele Burke.

It. Was. Fantastic!

It had to have been one of the most beautiful days we had all summer. With the breeze, the lake and the great families they both had, this was a wedding to remember. I haven’t had a wedding yet where I have put in a long distance (this was about 8 hours round trip) and regretted it. They are always great and I am always glad I could be there for them.

Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs. Burke!

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Congrats to the Kowalks!

Did you know there is a very cool wedding chapel in Ridgedale, MO?
Its true.
It is called the Integrity Hills Chapel and it is beautiful:

Check it out if you are looking for an awesome place to get married. Which was perfect for the two awesome people that got married there last weekend! Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs. Kowalk!

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