Congrats to Shane and Selena!

This week’s awesome couple is the new Mr. and Mrs. Coker!

2015-10-02 12.15.51

Absolutely one of the sweetest couples! It is truly a joy to help these two tie the knot.

This ceremony was held at Williamsbrooke in Branson. If you are looking for a rustic, country themed venue this place has a lot to offer!

I would also like to mention that every wedding some have a DESSERT BUFFET

2015-10-02 12.44.44

and now…more fun photos!

2015-10-02 12.17.59

2015-10-01 16.54.48

2015-10-02 12.51.52

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Thanks to the Allens’ for this great card!

Just a short not to say thank you! The wedding was perfect, you personality and touch was exactly what we were looking for! Thank you for making our day!

Dan & Dawn Allen”

Thank you guys for letting me share in your special day. It couldn’t have happened to two nicer people!

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Congratulations to the Dillingers

You may not know that I do “alternative” committment ceremonies, but they are one of the highlights of this job. Seeing two people who come together for love against what society says is correct can be a very beautiful thing.

This last weekend, Shawna and Jennifer said their vows at a great outdoor ceremony.

Shawna and Jennifer

A committment ceremony is a lot like a wedding but there is no license and they are not legally married. They are a great couple with a great future. I can only hope that Missouri will stand up for people’s right to choose like other states have and we will no longer have to have seperate “non-legal” ceremonies for same sex couples.

Committment Ceremony

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Like with everything in life, we sometimes get so caught up in the moment that we need to do something!  We feel so strongly and our love for another person sometimes drives us to just run away and get married right then.

I understand this need.  As well as the money it will leave in your pocketbook.

But can you elope outside of places like Vegas? Absolutely!

The state of Missouri has removed the 3 day waiting period for marriage licenses, which means that you can get married today!  No wait, no fuss.

I’ve heard a lot from couples that say won’t elope because its not romantic.  That they don’t want to go stand in some official’s office and get married by the Justic of the Peace or worse, one of those “drive-thru” weddings.  Nonsense!  Just because all of the planning of a traditional ceremony is not involved does not mean your elopement ceremony has to be cheesy, bland or unromantic.

This last Thursday I was contacted by a wonderful couple that said they wanted to get married today.  A license was obtained and two witnesses and then with this gorgeous weather we met at a nearby park.  I gave a short, heartfelt ceremony in which they exchange tearful vows.  It was beautiful.

Getting married in the twilight, under the trees and stars sounds pretty romantic to me!

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